Job Market


Director of Quality Engineering


Wanted by FBG Enterprises Opco, LLC in San

Mateo. Manage a team of 5+ quality engineers and

software development engineers to create testing

automation strategies and tooling, and to develop,

and implement a data-driven QE strategy, approach,

and readmap for Quality Engineering needs.

Identify KPIs that are analogues for quality health

and posture. Ensure Enginering and Product are

equipped with tools to ensure products are tested

and applications meet the highest quality standards.

Requires: Master’s Degree in Computer Science,

Electrical Engineering, or related, and 1 year

experience in job offered or 1 year as Quality

Engineering Manager, or Bachelor’s Degree in

same fields or closely related plus 5 years of

progressive post baccalaureate experience in the

field which includes 1 year of experience in job

offered or as Quality Engineering Manager, or any

other qualifying combination of education, training,

or experience. Requires 1 year of experience using

Jira, Python and AWS.

Apply online at

using Job Code: 1025