Job Market


•Time Management: Strong time management skills, capable of


completing tasks within specified timelines to ensure the

timeliness of information.

•Team Collaboration: Demonstrate a strong spirit of teamwork,

effective communication with team members to collaborate on tasks.

•Interest in Discounts and Promotions: Passionate about

shopping, discounts, and promotional activities. Ability to

understand and share the consumer psychology of the target audience.

Additional Information:

This position aims to unleash the editor's writing potential and provide efficient support for the publication of brand discount information. If you are passionate about brand discounts, possess strong writing skills, and meet the requirements mentioned above, we welcome you to join our team!


•折扣信息搜集: 搜尋並總結各大品牌的最新優惠、促銷和折扣信




•優惠DEAL發佈: 利用具有吸引力的文筆,將翻譯好的折扣信息


•網站更新: 定期更新網站上的折扣信息,確保內容的新鮮度,並


•審稿工作: 審核粉絲和特約小編的投稿,確保內容符合公司標



•語言能力: 流利的中文和良好的英文能力。能夠閱讀、理解和摘


•學歷要求: 本科學歷(或以上)

•審美眼光: 對於各種品牌的風格和優惠活動有敏銳的審美眼光,


•寫作技能: 具有生動、富有吸引力的寫作風格,能夠使用簡單易


•時間管理: 良好的時間管理能力,能夠在限定時間內完成任務,


•團隊合作: 具有良好的團隊合作精神,能夠有效溝通,與其他團


•對折扣和促銷感興趣: 對於購物、折扣和促銷活動有濃厚的興





Applicants must have legal working status in the

United States. The salary is competitive. Full-

time employees will have medical insurance, paid

vacation and sick leave, 401K benefits, comprehensive

allowances and bonus. Applications will be kept

strictly confidential.

Please send your resume to:

and please indicate the position.

•Apply knowledge of animation and special effects to enhance visual

storytelling and achieve creative objectives.

•Color grade and correct footage, ensuring consistency and visual appeal.

•Manage digital assets, including footage, graphics, and audio files.

•Work within project deadlines and handle multiple projects


•Provide creative input during shooting and production to improve

final output quality.


•Proven experience as a video editor with a strong portfolio

showcasing skills.

•Proficiency in video editing and animation software (e.g., Adobe

Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve).

•Understanding of animation techniques and special effects

implementation is preferred. Creative storytelling ability with a keen

eye for detail.

•A degree in film studies, animation, multimedia, or a related field is preferred.


•Strong technical skills in video editing and animation.

•Excellent time management and ability to meet tight deadlines.

•Adaptability and willingness to learn and apply new techniques.

•Strong communication skills and teamwork capabilities.

•Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

•Highly proficient in both Chinese and English.

Content Editor, Part time


•Discount Information Collection: Search and summarize the latest

offers, promotions, and discount information from various major

brands, ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of information.

•Translation and Content Creation: Translate collected discount

information into Chinese and craft engaging, brand-focused content

to captivate reader interest.

•Deal Publication: Utilize compelling writing skills to publish

translated discount information on our website, ensuring the

released content appeals to our target audience.

•Website Updates: Regularly update the website with the latest

discount information, maintaining content freshness, and

continuously attracting users.

•Editing Responsibilities: Review and edit submissions from fans

and contributing editors to ensure content aligns with company

standards and enhances overall content quality.


•Language Skills: Fluent in Chinese and proficient in English.

Ability to read, comprehend, and summarize English text.

•Educational Background: Bachelor's degree or higher

•Aesthetic Sensibility: Have a keen aesthetic eye for various

brand styles and promotional activities, understanding and

conveying brand values effectively.

•Writing Skills: Possess a vivid, appealing writing style, using simple

and understandable language to express complex information.


Videographer, Full time

Key Responsibilities:

•Operate video cameras and related equipment in the production

of professional quality video content, and edit video content if


•Collaborate with the creative team to plan, storyboard, and

execute video shoots.

•Ensure technical aspects of shoots, including lighting, sound,

and video quality, are up to standard.

•Adapt to different shooting environments and requirements,

from studio setups to outdoor and on-location shoots.

•Contribute creative ideas and artistic vision to the production process.

•Coordinate with directors, producers, and other team members

to understand project requirements and vision.

•Troubleshoot technical issues with camera and editing equipment.


•Proven experience as a videographer, with a portfolio

demonstrating skills and versatility.

•Familiarity with different types of cameras, lighting, and sound


•Competence in video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere

Pro, DaVinci Resolve).

•Ability to work flexible hours and adapt to changing schedules

and requirements.

•Good communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively

in a team.

•Relevant educational background in film, media, or a related

field is preferred.


•Technical expertise in video production and editing.

•Creativity and an eye for visually compelling storytelling.

•Strong organizational and time-management skills.

•Problem-solving abilities and adaptability in dynamic environments.

•Attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality content.

•Highly proficient in both Chinese and English.

Video Editor, Full time

Key Responsibilities:

•Edit video footage to create high-quality, engaging content,

aligning with the company's vision and audience preferences.

•Collaborate with production teams to understand project goals

and requirements.

•Utilize editing software (like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects,

DaVinci Resolve) to assemble footage, add music, effects, and

create compelling narratives.